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Deep Heat Flow Massage


Relax with a sensory combination of Hot Stones, Cupping Therapy, and premium CBD oil.

What's better than tucking into clean, warm sheets for massage with heated stones?


Well, for fans of Deep Tissue we added Cupping therapy. During this part of your massage, we'll use suction cups to lift, knead, and relax tight muscles and break up muscle knots. It can be light or deep.

Throughout your skin is soaking up Happy Budhha Hemp's premium CBD-infused Jojoba Oil, which deeply moisturizes while relieving inflammation, spasm, and soreness.

Schedule your Deep Heat Flow massage below. Your body will thank you!

Cupping therapy and deep tissue massage at Sage Bodywork Seattle

They were a true magician... I have been getting massages for years and their technique is unmatched.

- Michelle M.

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