Cupping Therapy, Hot Stones, and CBD Massage

Treat yourself to a sensory experience and deep relaxation by booking a Deep Heat Flow massage treatment. All of your muscles will be heated, kneaded, and relaxed in Sage Bodywork’s elevated take on the spa classic Swedish Deep Tissue massage.

First, you're invited to to relax with muscle-melting Hot Stone massage. I use Synergy Stones to deliver deep heat while performing targeted, therapeutic techniques, blending hot stone massage with delightful deep tissue. The body softens and stress melts away.

seattle hot stone massage

Then comes the Cupping massage. By using silicone suction cups to create vacuum pressure, and gliding these cups across the body, we create deep tissue massage in the opposite direction. This is uniquely advantageous over traditional "positive pressure" massage because the vacuum increases bloodflow and creates space between tissue layers as it stretches and kneads muscles.

It’s not just Hot Stone massage; there are Cool Stones too. These healing Himalayan Salt Crystal stones are smooth and cool, and deposit 84 natural minerals as they flow across the body to support skin health and minimize next-day soreness after your deep massage.

Because these advanced massage tools also provide light exfoliation, they soften your skin and allow it to absorb the full benefit of the CBD/CBG coconut body butter. This powerful Cannabis massage cream delivers 1,000mg of CBD and 200mg of CBG to relieve muscle tightness and spasm, reduce inflammation, soothe anxiety and insomnia, and nourish your skin.

Schedule your Deep Heat Flow massage below. You'll thank yourself later.

Jesse is a true magician when it comes to bodywork and massage. I have been getting massages for years and her technique is unmatched.

- Michelle M.


Slo Mo Melt

Relieve chronic pain and headaches with gentle, direct, trauma-informed deep tissue techniques. Includes relaxing dry brushing for healthy skin.


Intensity: ⬤⬤◯


Deep Heat Flow

Melt away stress and tightness with a powerful combination of Cupping therapy, Hot Stone massage, and CBD coconut body butter. Yeah, it’s amazing.

Intensity: ⬤⬤⬤


Post Op Recovery

Recover from surgery and liposuction with lymphatic drainage massage.

Intensity:  ⬤◯◯