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Massage Lesson for Two in Seattle

Learn how to give your loved one an incredible, therapeutic massage!

My husband and I signed up for a private couple massage lesson. It was awesome! [The instructor] was very informative and taught techniques that really helped.

Marisa R

What happens in a massage lesson?

Date night meets spa day!

You'll take turns massaging each other with all the benefits of a professional massage environment, including top-grade massage oils, luxury linens, and a heated bed. You'll each give and receive about 40 minutes of massage.

One of our licensed massage therapists will talk you through every step of the massage, stepping in to demonstrate a new technique or showing you how to get deeper pressure.

Not only will you walk away from this experience feeling relaxed and connected after receiving an awesome massage from your partner, but you'll have the skills and confidence to keep massaging at home.

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[The instructor] was able to break down techniques in an easy to understand and fun-to-visualize way. Would give more stars if possible!!

Morgan C

Your lesson is handmade just for you!

Possible lesson plans include:

Relaxation Night:

Back massage

Scalp massage

Foot massage

First Aid Massage:

Tension headache relief massage

Hip massage to relieve Sciatica

Athletic Recovery:

Assisted stretching

How to use your theragun

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