Private Couples Massage Lesson: Learn How to Give a Massage!

Updated: May 10, 2020

Jesse Martel, LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) gives a relaxing scalp massage in her Seattle studio.
Jesse Martel, LMT (your teacher)

Massage is a wonderful way to connect with someone you love, and a powerful, holistic tool for taking care of stress, tension, and pain.

But it's difficult-to-impossible to learn from books or videos. Hands-on experience is the quickest way to grow this lifelong gift. It just makes so much more sense when you can feel it and get feedback on your quality of touch.

I'm a licensed massage therapist and I've taught over a hundred couples in Seattle how to give an amazing back rub. I love to share what I know and watch people light up as they realize their new superpower!

Now, I'm offering private massage lessons for couples in my Seattle office.

Book your lesson online and take advantage of this opportunity to deepen your connection with your partner through relaxation massage, or level-up your ability to take care of each other with specific techniques for headaches and back pain (or whatever it is that ails you).


  • All supplies provided.

  • Learn how to give a relaxing Swedish massage for the face, scalp, and back, or something else... Curriculum is completely customized for your needs, interests, and skill level.

  • Be able to massage for longer and use deeper pressure with pro techniques.

  • Receive kind and helpful feedback so you can quickly progress.

  • Improve your sensitivity, non verbal and verbal communication skills, anatomy knowledge, posture, and quality of touch.

  • Enjoy learning with professional equipment in a beautiful setting, with options for a heated table, aromatherapy, and heavenly hot towel treatment.

  • Convenient Eastlake massage studio has reserved parking for you.

  • Love the little things: tea and a take-home gift.

Beautiful massage room with massage table, fairy lights, leaf mobile, window view, music, plants, and curtains.
Sage Bodywork, Eastlake massage studio

The lesson is 2 hours long and each participant will have the chance to give and receive massage. Expect to give massage for 40 minutes and receive massage for 50 minutes (includes 10 minutes of massage from a professional). We'll have a short email or phone call consultation beforehand to discuss your goals.

No experience necessary. The private massage lesson is open to any duo who wants to learn how to massage together.

There's no better gift than an experience and a skill - and this is the gift that keeps giving!

Book your lesson online.

Questions? Reach out to or call Jesse at (920) 345-6791.


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