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About Us

Centrally located in beautiful Eastlake, Sage Bodywork serves Seattle with gentle and effective massage therapy.

What's so special about us? To put it simply, we don't do oily, bruising, beat-em-up massage.

Instead, we specialize in research-based, pain-free massage techniques that use the right amount of pressure in the right spot to create lasting relief. Instead of breaking down the wall, we open the door. It’s modern deep tissue. 


You'll feel the difference of a massage that cares about your nervous system as much as your soft tissue.

We've helped people with back pain, neck/shoulder tightness, tension headaches, Carpal Tunnel, Sciatica, foot pain, and more. Because of our pain-free approach, we're an especially good fit for conditions like Fibromyalgia, Frozen Shoulder, and Whiplash, as well as post op massage to reduce swelling and scar tissue after surgery. We've also had the honor of holding space for anxiety, grief, and PTSD with trauma-informed massage.

Results-focused but still relaxing. Science-based but heart-led. And always pain-free.


Not only will you potentially fall asleep during a session, you may be so relaxed you'll start snoring. Jesse has released muscle tension, relieved nerve pain, and actually made my body feel more structurally sound. 

- Maxine H.

All Bodies are Good Bodies

Creating a safe and respectful experience for all bodies is our top priority. We offer trauma informed, body positive, identity affirming care that celebrates who you are.

We are registered members of Health at Every Size®, which promotes body acceptance and joyously healthy behaviors without judgment around weight.


We are gender-affirming and welcome trans, non-binary, and genderqueer folx.


We are learning to be anti-racist and are committed to reducing the racial disparity in healthcare.


We don't make judgments around body hair, scars, or anything else.

We practice trauma-informed massage, which means we talk with you and get clear about where we may touch, and we never push past your limits into painful territory (even if you're OK with some discomfort - we want to earn and keep your body's trust, and that means not causing pain). We know that touch can bring up unexpected emotions or memories, and we hold space for you to feel these things without needing to explain them or suppress them.

We know how pain and trauma change your relationship with your body; massage is a way to reunite the mind and body and give yourself the opportunity to heal on the deepest level.

 She is deeply knowledgeable about massage but balances this nicely with a caring presence that allows me to feel really held and accepted during the massage. So much comes through her bodywork, even without words.

- Madeline Y.

Our Origins

Sage Bodywork was founded by Jesse Martel in 2020 with the dream of creating a space that offers beyond-the-ordinary massage. She has a passion for relaxing massage where your pain and tension effortlessly disappears. But everywhere she went, they tried to divorce “medical massage” from “relaxation massage,” as if the two aspect weakened each other instead of strengthening each other. So Jesse created Sage Bodywork as a sacred space where your mind and body are invited to unravel. Now, we're a top rated massage therapy practice, and in 2021 we began growing with like-minded practitioners who believe in this mission to share massage feels as good as it is good for you.

Meet our massage therapists, or look at the unique massages you can choose from.

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