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Seattle's hub for gentle and effective massage therapy.

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Jesse Martel, LMT

Jesse Martel, LMT


Available Thurs, Fri, Sat

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Brittany Gaudette, LMT


Available Tuesday

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About Us

Centrally located in Eastlake with a view of Lake Union,  Sage Bodywork serves Seattle with gentle and effective massage therapy.

We’re here to help you get out of pain and back in touch with your body, through a unique blend of relaxation and results-focused massage. We specialize in modern massage therapy techniques that are research-based, trauma-informed, and pain-free. This is not an oily experience that leaves you feeling bruised and beat up. It’s a neuromuscular (mind/body) conversation that leaves you feeling better.


Sage Bodywork was founded by Jesse Martel in 2020 with the dream of creating a space that offers beyond-the-ordinary massage. She has a passion for relaxing massage where your pain and tension effortlessly disappears. But everywhere she went, they tried to divorce “medical massage” from “relaxation massage,” as if the two aspect weakened each other instead of strengthening each other. So Jesse created Sage Bodywork as a sacred space where your mind and body are invited to unravel. Now, we're a top rated massage therapy practice, and in 2021 we began growing with like-minded practitioners who believe in this mission to share massage that’s kind to the body.

We look forward to sharing this gift with you.

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Jesse Martel, LMT (Lic#60875642)

Jesse admits to abandoning her body for most of her life. She accumulated the usual symptoms one by one as she plugged away on the computer: neck pain, back pain, stiffness, soreness. But she could power through it. It was ironic that her current project was a musculoskeletal anatomy course. She could identify the origins and insertions of her pain, but she didn't know how to change it. She felt so far away from her own body, trapped in a cloud of stress, overthinking, and pain. So she got a massage.


And it changed everything.

Ready for a major life change, Jesse left the desk and went to massage school. By following her thirst for knowledge she found a passion for the magical type of healing that happens where the mind meets the body. As the Chinese saying goes, "Tension is what you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are."

Jesse specializes in trauma-informed care, headache relief, and breast massage. You can book a massage with Jesse on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. To see all her availability, click here.

Jesse Martel, LMT
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Brittany Gaudette, LMT (Lic#60783258)

Britt views massage therapy as an opportunity to connect to ourselves and to feel seen by another human being.


Growing up in the ballet world, she learned the importance of touch and movement in the body. She strives to be a gentle and curious practitioner who doesn’t iron out “problems” with pressure.  Instead she acknowledges body patterns without judgement. Your body is enough, and listening to it is all it needs to unravel.

Outside of Sage Bodywork, Britt has a passion for end-of-life care and provides massage therapy to patients on hospice care and in local retirement communities.

Britt specializes in hand and foot massage, relief for TMJ Disorder, and treating people 75+ years old. You can book a massage with Britt on Tuesdays. To see all her availability, click here.

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