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Top Rated Seattle Massage Therapy
About Sage Bodywork Seattle

About Sage Bodywork

Sage Bodywork serves Seattle with specialty massages for pain, tightness, and swelling.


We help people feel better without resorting to the super deep pressure commonly associated with "medical massage."

What Our Clients Love:


Top Rated Massage Therapists

Our entire team holds advanced certifications in gentle and effective bodywork, which is why their touch is so extraordinary.


Soothing > Bruising

If someone was shoving you hard, would it help you relax? No? Your muscles are the same way. In fact, traditional “Deep Tissue” techniques can make pain, inflammation, and muscle spasm worse.


Meaningful, Lasting Relief

Don’t let the heated table and relaxing music fool you, this is about more than relaxation. We customize every massage using our expertise to work on your wellness goals.


Respect for Every Body

If this describes you, you're welcome here:​​

  • Fat

  • Disabled

  • Trans/nonbinary


  • Neurodivergent

...deeply knowledgeable about massage but balances this nicely with a caring presence that allows me to feel really held and accepted during the massage. So much comes through even without words.

- Madeline Y.

How Did We Get Here?


Let’s back up for a second. Hi, I’m Jesse, the massage therapist/body nerd who started Sage Bodywork. I needed this place to exist, because...


For years, I put my body last.

It's easy to live life in our heads. Pain, trauma, body image issues, and a hundred other things are encouraging us to block out our bodies every day.

That was me in my early 20s, working long hours at the desk, and ignoring my body as the chronic pain symptoms started to show up one by one.

Headache, check. Back pain, check. A​ knife stabbing me in between the shoulder blades with every inhale, check.

The project that I was so busy with was actually creating a musculoskeletal anatomy course, so I knew enough to identify which muscles were tight. But no matter how much I stretched, used the foam roller, or pressed really hard on those tender knots, any relief I got was temporary.

Until my pain got so bad I couldn't ignore it anymore.

And I'm so grateful for that.

Because that's when I found Myofascial Release.

Massage made everything better.

The Deep Tissue massage I'd been getting just left me feeling bruised and steamrolled, but I tried a new Myofascial Release therapist one day and what happened was magic.

It taught me what I'd been missing:

Pain is just a signal from your body that something is out of balance.

When you attack the symptom, you miss the bigger picture.

Her massage softly addressed the root source of my pain and created immediate relief, but more than that, it lifted the fog of stress, tension, and constant overthinking that I’d been consumed by. It brought me out of my head and back into my body, and we rebuilt our relationship on friendlier terms.

I was ready for a big change, so in 2017 I got my massage license and mentored with that therapist to learn how to do this Myofascial Release magic. (Now, I call it the Slo Mo Melt massage.)

The problem was where to offer it.

I started my massage career excited to help people like I'd been helped, but it quickly became clear that I didn't fit in at the “medical massage clinics.” Those massage therapists still thought that pressure = effectiveness, as if enough force could physically push the pain out of the body.

Finally, in 2020, I opened Sage Bodywork. In 2021 we started growing with other massage therapists who share my passion. Together, we’ve helped hundreds of people with gentle and effective massage techniques.

So how can we help you?

Thank you for reading this far. I’d love to share this bodywork with you. You can view our services here, or meet our massage team (I can vouch for every single one of these guys).

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