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Your Massage Team

Our Licensed Massage Therapists are unified in their passion for gentle and effective massage therapy, while each bringing their unique strengths. We encourage you to rotate through our team as it works for your schedule so you can benefit from a variety of perspectives. Our team shares notes so we can always pick up where we last left off.

Jesse Martel LMT MLD

Jesse Martel, LMT MLD-C & Owner (Lic#60875642)

Jesse admits to abandoning her body for most of her life. She accumulated the usual symptoms one by one as she plugged away at the computer: neck pain, back pain, stiffness, soreness. As she began treating her pain, she became fascinated with the intersection of the body and mind, and followed her thirst for knowledge to massage school.

Jesse has completed 240+ hours of mentorship in advanced Myofascial Release. She's also certified in Vodder-style Manual Lymphatic Drainage and McLoughin Scar Tissue Release®, and endorsed in the state of Washington to provide therapeutic breast massage and intraoral massage (or massage inside the mouth).


Laura Freeman, LMT MLD-C (Lic#61372615)

Laura has lived with chronic illness and inflammation for more than half of her life. After experiencing the benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage and other gentle massage techniques firsthand, she began her training so she could provide that same relief for others.


She is certified in Vodder-style Manual Lymphatic Drainage through Klose and McLoughin Scar Tissue Release®. Laura is also endorsed in the state of Washington to provide therapeutic breast massage.

Collin Sedlacek LMT MLD CCST

Collin Sedlacek, LMT MLD-C CCST (Lic#61221748)

Collin comes from a background in science and has always been utterly fascinated with the incredible human body.  Finding sustained benefits from bodywork in his own life, his work is driven by an unwavering confidence in the intrinsic healing capacity within every person.

Certified in Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Craniosacral therapy, his sessions integrate advanced techniques and skilled, compassionate touch to create lasting positive changes for a variety of circumstances from structural imbalances, chronic pain, post-operative care, physical and emotional traumas, and more.  

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