Your Massage Team

Our Licensed Massage Therapists are unified in their passion for gentle and effective massage therapy, while each bringing their unique strengths. We encourage you to rotate through our team as it works for your schedule so you can benefit from a variety of perspectives. Our team shares notes so we can always pick up where we last left off.

Jesse Martel LMT MLD-C massage therapist
leo atregenio LMT massage therapist
Alyssa Petty LMT MLD-C lymphatic therapist

Jesse Martel, LMT MLD-C & Owner (Lic#60875642)

Jesse admits to abandoning her body for most of her life. She accumulated the usual symptoms one by one as she plugged away at the computer: neck pain, back pain, stiffness, soreness. As she began treating her chronic pain, she became fascinated with the intersection of the body and mind, and followed her thirst for knowledge to massage school.

Not satisfied with just rubbing oil on muscles, Jesse's first fascination as a licensed massage therapist was fascia and trauma, then scar tissue and lymph. She loves collaborating with her clients to realize real improvements in their quality of life.

Jesse's specialties include post surgical lymphatic massage and scar tissue release, therapeutic breast massage, and intraoral massage for TMJD (jaw pain).

Jesse Martel LMT MLD-C
Leo Atregenio LMT massage therapist

Leo Atregenio, LMT (Lic#61000960)

Leo knows the consequences of pushing their body too far. Coming home after a long day of work, they felt hip pain, knee pain, and eventually low back pain. Realizing that pushing through the pain only created more pain, Leo began to honor and listen to their body, acknowledging the sensations their body was providing as a pathway to healing.

Leo views massage therapy as an opportunity to deeply reconnect with our own body as the first step to heal chronic pain and tightness.

Leo's specialty is hip, knee, and low back pain.

Alyssa Petty LMT MLD-C

Alyssa Petty, LMT MLD-C (Lic#60430594)

Alyssa aims to be as flexible as reasonable with her clients, be that with positioning, technique, or pressure. Everyone is different and sometimes it varies day-to-day! Whatever someone brings to the table (so to speak) is perfectly valid. She thinks it's very important to meet someone where they are and to not ask too much of their body.

When Alyssa developed low back pain, she got the most relief from her mom's massage. Alyssa wanted to be able to offer that same relief to others. Light work has always spoken to Alyssa, and she finds "listening" to the tissue's needs to be the most effective path to relief.

Alyssa specializes in Manual Lymphatic Drainage.