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Slo Mo Melt

Our signature massage is soothing, specific, & deliciously slow. It releases connective tissue to relieve stress, pain, and headaches. Learn more.

Intensity: ⬤⬤

$125 / 60 min

$175 / 90 min

Deep Heat Flow

A spa favorite taken to the next level: enjoy a Swedish massage with Cupping Therapy, Hot Stones, and premium Pain Relief massage oil. Learn more.

Intensity: ⬤⬤⬤

$150 / 60 min

$209 / 90 min

Lymphatic Drainage

Reduce swelling and promote healing after injury, surgery, or liposuction with certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage. Learn more.

Intensity:  ⬤◯◯

$85 / 30 min

$150 / 60 min

$209 / 90 min

Prenatal Massage

Our soothing and intuitive "Slo Mo Melt" massage, adapted  for pregnancy. Our expert prenatal massage therapists  will keep you safe and comfortable whether you're in the first trimester or the last couple weeks.

Intensity: ⬤⬤

$125/ 60 min

$175 / 90 min

Massage Lessons

Bring your partner and learn how to give each other an amazing massage! A pro massage therapist will guide you step by step in your private lesson at our Seattle office. No experience needed! Learn more.

Intensity: ⬤◯◯ to ⬤⬤⬤

$195 / 90 min (includes attendance for two)

Breast Massage

Helpful for breast pain, swelling, and tenderness. Jesse is certified to provide breast massage in Washington state and experienced with care after breast cancer and various surgeries of the breast.

Learn more about breast massage.

Intensity: ⬤◯◯

$125 / 60 min