Seattle massage therapy

Welcome to your happy place. You'll be instantly warm and cozy on our heated massage table and under the weighted blanket. Breathe deep with complimentary aromatherapy. You won't want to ever get up, but when you do, you're invited to take your time and admire the view of Lake Union before you go.

Online scheduling is quick and easy. You can schedule, pay, and (if it's your first appointment) fill out your intake forms from the convenience of your home. Reminder emails and texts keep us all on the same page.

Plus, if it's your first appointment here, you'll get an extra 10 minutes just to thank you for coming in!

No matter which of Sage Bodywork massage treatments you choose, you can expect a soothing, beyond-the-ordinary experience that's customized to achieve your wellness goals.

Seattle Massage Therapy Services - Book Online

Let's find your new favorite massage...


for peace of mind from stress and trauma

relief for tightness, pain, and muscle knots

recover from surgery or lipo

Breath & Body

Guided meditation and gentle touch helps you connect the dots between mood, breath, and body. Well suited for anxiety/PTSD. Learn more.

Intensity: ⬤◯


Slo Mo Melt

Soothing, specific, & deliciously slow massage relieves stress, chronic pain, and tension headaches. Learn more.

Intensity: ⬤⬤

Deep Heat Flow

A spa favorite taken to the next level: Swedish/Deep Tissue with Cupping Therapy, Hot Stones, and healing CBD oil. Learn more.

Intensity: ⬤⬤⬤

Lymphatic Drainage

Reduce swelling & scar tissue after injury, surgery, or liposuction with Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage. Learn more.

Intensity:  ⬤◯◯

Not sure what to book? We recommend the Stress Buster. It showcases a variety of our signature techniques in a 60 minute massage. It's the perfect starting place for customizing your favorite massage ever!