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Post Op Massage in Seattle

We're certified in...

☑ Manual Lymphatic Drainage

☑ Fibrosis Massage

☑ Scar Massage

Heal better after surgery or liposuction with post op massage.


Our therapists are experienced with post surgical massage after various plastic surgery and orthopedic procedures, including:

  • Liposuction

  • Mommy makeovers and Tummy tuck

  • BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)

  • Gender-affirming surgery including Top surgery

  • Joint replacements


Whether your surgery was a couple days ago or a couple years ago, we're here to help you heal as comfortably, quickly, and completely as possible.

[Sage Bodywork] made a dramatic impact on my surgery recovery. I’m amazed at what lymphatic massage can do and their level of care was out of this world.

Dana F.

Your Healing Timeline:

Massage Before Surgery


A pre-op massage primes the body and mind for surgery. Schedule as close to your surgery date as possible, within a week.

Lymphatic Drainage Soon After Surgery


Starting 1-14 days after surgery, come in once or twice/wk to relieve post operative swelling and discomfort. Continue until swelling resolves (2-6 weeks).

Scar Tissue Massage for Optimal Results

Wait until 3 months after surgery, then return for McLoughin Scar Tissue Release, which reduces scars by 30% and improves both aesthetic and tightness. Most scars need around 5 treatments.


This information is provided as a starting point based on what has worked best for our clients in the past. Always follow your surgeon's instructions.

What to expect at your post op massage

  • Each massage is customized for you.

  • We respect all bodies and will do our best to make you feel welcome, safe, and comfortable. Our practice is gender-affirming and weight-neutral.

  • Safety is our top priority.

  • We do not do incisional drainage or wound care.

  • Your treatments should never be painful, even if you're very bruised and sore. Your body is trying to recover from the trauma of surgery, and more trauma won't help it heal.

  • We have lots of pillows to help you lie comfortably and safely after procedures like Tummy Tuck or BBL. You don't need to bring anything.

  • It's best to remove all clothing and compression garments for your massage, but we can work around compression, bandages, etc, as necessary.

I’ve gone to 3 massage places in the area to get my lymphatic drainage massage after liposuction and this is the only place that I feel and see an immediate difference. I highly recommend them.

Anna A.

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Need a massage ASAP? Text JOIN to (425) 333-1980 to join our waitlist. Then you'll get a text with a booking link when a spot becomes available.

Have questions? We're happy to schedule a phone call to discuss your situation and help you book your appointments. Please text us at (425) 333-1980 to start the conversation.

Save With A Package


Buy a Package of 5 Massages - CLICK HERE

Our schedule fills up fast, so we recommend booking your massages as soon as you know your surgery date. You can check our availability below before buying a package.

I had one hr of lymphatic massage with her and I tell you, the moment she was done, the hardness got so much better. It was like magic. I wish I had went to her right after my surgery.

Kiki A.

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