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Therapeutic breast massage in Seattle

Breast Massage

Relief for:

  • Breast tenderness and pain

  • Swelling

  • Surgery scars

My neck and shoulders felt so much lighter after the breast massage, I was really impressed.

- Sara T.

Breast Massage FAQ

Who is this for?


Pretty much anyone with breasts has a reason to try breast massage! People have seen us to...

  • Reduce hormonal swelling

  • Relieve breast tenderness in fibrocystic breasts and prep for a mammogram

  • Break up scar tissue after mastectomy or other surgery

  • Ease anxiety, chest tightness, and shallow breathing

  • Work on stubborn neck and shoulder tension (our chest muscles are key part of this equation, and often totally neglected underneath the breast!)

Wait, this is massage directly on the breasts? Is that legal?

Good question. Most Licensed Massage Therapists are not permitted to massage breast tissue. However, our therapists have completed advanced training and certification in Breast Massage and Lymphatic Drainage, which qualifies them to offer therapeutic breast massage in the State of Washington. This work is very much needed and we're honored to be able to offer it.

Even with qualified therapists, breast massage should never be performed without your explicit written and verbal consent, which must be given before the massage begins.

What should I expect at my appointment?

For the most part, it's like any other massage. We start with a chat about how you're feeling today and customize on a plan for your massage (with usually about half the time focused on the breast, and the rest of the time for the head, neck, and shoulders, but it's up to you). Then you'll undress in private and get under the blankets. We only undrape the part of the body we're working on, e.g. if we're massaging your left breast, you'll be fully covered by the blanket except for your left breast.

I know this would really help me, but I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with it.

We understand how deeply personal your chest is, and at every step we prioritize safety, comfort, and open communication. Here are some additional strategies we can try:

  • Bring a friend to be in the room with you (they can be tableside or behind a privacy screen)

  • Receive your massage through a t-shirt (with no bra if possible)

  • Know that you can change your mind at any time, including choosing to change, pause, or stop the massage partway through. No explanation needed.

  • If you don't want someone else touching your chest at all, we can also guide you through self-massage

I'm not a cis woman, can I book a breast massage?

Trans and nonbinary friends are welcome to book this service. If you bind your chest, are growing breasts, or have had surgery, your body would certainly appreciate some massage! We are a gender affirming practice and will use your preferred language.

This service is not for people with undeveloped mammary glands (e.g. cisgender men); for pectoralis (chest muscle) massage, please book a Slo Mo Melt massage.

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