Slo Mo Melt Massage Treatment

Relaxation massage Seattle
Massage for tension headache relief

Calming, intentional, and surprisingly deep, Slo Mo Melt massage uses sustained pressure to melt tight muscles like butter in the sun.


Each treatment is customized for your wellness goals. Whether you want relief for tension headaches, back pain, or carpal tunnel syndrome, we're here to help.

Your experience is designed to soothe a stressed nervous system with a calming environment and skin-softening Dry Brushing. Then we get results with pain-free precision (instead of brute strength) by using advanced Neuro-Myo-Fascial Release techniques that allow us to sink into deep tissue easily and effectively.


It's a totally different type of Deep Tissue massage that your mind and body will truly appreciate.

You're in the right place if:​

  • You want a massage that actually does stuff (e.g. creates relief) but don't want to suffer through painful massage.

  • You have a condition like Whiplash or TMJ Disorder that doesn't respond well to aggressive massage.

This might not be a fit if:

  • You crave hard or even painful pressure (it's a myth that more pressure is more effective; learn more).

  • You want a flowing, full body massage (try this instead).


...hands-down the best I've ever experienced. She did myofascial massage to address my "computer neck" issues, and I feel 1000% better as a result. Highly recommended!

Madeline S.