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Top Rated Seattle Massage Therapy

Gentle massage, profound relief.

Seattle massage therapy for your pain, tightness, and swelling.

This style of massage is exactly what my body has been craving all my life! It is a magical combination of gentle, firm, and direct.

- Madeline Y.

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Not your average massage.

  • More Relief With Less Pressure - You want to feel better, but you don't want to hold your breath through uncomfortably deep massages. Our specialty techniques mean you can breathe easy.

  • Long Lasting Results - We’ll create a treatment plan so your massage is more than a little treat, it's healthcare that keeps your body working.

  • Convenience - Reserved parking and online booking make it easy to feel better.

Massage Services

Massage for headaches and back pain

Respect For Every Body

A quick note: we know massage is personal, and it’s incredibly important that you feel safe, heard, and respected throughout your entire experience.


We are:

  • Trauma informed

  • Weight neutral

  • Gender-affirming

  • ADA accessible


Our soothing and intentional massage style tends to work well for people with sensitized nervous systems (e.g. Highly Sensitive People, PTSD, and neurodivergence).

If you would like to learn more about our values and practice philosophy, please visit our About page. If you want to get straight to massage, you can choose from our services here.

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