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Top Rated Seattle Massage Therapy

Gentle pressure, profound relief.

Post Op Recovery and Pain Relief Massage in Seattle

Not sure what type of massage you need?


Head's up: this is not your typical massage.

If you're looking for someone to pour the oil on and steamroll your tender spots, that's... not us. We're not here to hurt you, we're here to help you heal.

We specialize in precise, non-invasive, and research-based techniques that are perfect for:

  • post op massage (learn more),

  • injury recovery,

  • chronic pain,

  • and trauma informed care.

Basically, we're the place to come if you want a massage that works without making you suffer through deep, bruising pressure.

Myofascial Release Lymphatic Drainage and Craniosacral Therapy in Seattle
seattle massage therapist
Massage for headaches and back pain

Don’t suffer through another uncomfortable, ineffective massage...


Take our quiz now to be matched with perfect massage:


This style of massage is exactly what my body has been craving all my life! It is a magical combination of gentle, firm, and direct.

- Madeline Y.

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