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Setting the Record Straight About Lymphatic Massage

Hi, your local lymphatic certified massage therapist here!

Let's debunk some of the most common myths surrounding lymphatic drainage massage.

1. It's Only A Beauty Treatment

Lymphatic massage was popularized by its beauty-enhancing benefits and yes, it helps with puffy eyes, wrinkles, and acne...

It's actually boosting your body's immune system, and that's why you see benefits for your inflammation levels and water weight.

But, let's set the record straight—these cosmetic perks are just the tip of the iceberg.

2. It's Just a Passing Trend

Lymphatic massage was first defined as a medical technique back in 1932. Many studies have shown its effectiveness in reducing swelling and inflammation, particularly to support lymphedema patients dealing with long term effects after cancer.

It's here to stay, babes.

3. Lymphatic Massage Is Painful

Lymphatic massage is often assumed to be painful, but it's quite the opposite!

Lymphatic therapists employ rhythmic, light strokes that create a soothing, comfortable experience.

This is because your lymphatic system is tied into the underside of your skin, so the pressure should be just enough to move the skin without compressing it.

Even if you're receiving lymphatic massage after surgery when you're sore and bruised, your massage therapist should be able to work carefully and lightly enough to avoid pain, while still supporting your post op recovery.

It's an ideal choice for those seeking relief from conditions like fibromyalgia, where traditional deep tissue massages might be too triggering.

4. It's Just a Light Pressure Massage

While you might be eager to experience the benefits, it's not as simple as requesting light pressure at your next massage. This technique calls for extensive knowledge of lymphatic anatomy and skillful control of the hands.

You need to find a massage therapist who's certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage. They'll have an acronym like MLD-C, CMLDT, CLT, or LDT.

(Yeah, sorry, there's a lot of them. Massage isn't very tightly regulated. You should spend a little time researching your therapist before you book with them. You can view our therapist's bios here.)

5. It's One-and-Done

While you can typically feel and see a difference after a single lymphatic massage session, the real magic happens with routine treatments.

Consistency is key to maintaining the optimal functioning of your lymphatic system.

Depending on your overall health and the benefits you want to maintain, you may benefit most from receiving lymphatic massage weekly or monthly.

It's good to note that there's diminishing returns on longer sessions. Even 30 minutes is enough time to get lymph moving; 60 minutes is ideal. 90 minutes of massage isn't necessary for improving lymphatic function, although it is a treat!

Experience This Gentle Yet Powerful Massage Today

Our Seattle massage therapists are all certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and have used it to help people with all sorts of concerns, from surgery recovery to maintaining energy and mobility.

You can learn more about our lymphatic massage services (including lymphatic massage prices and availability) and book your massage online by clicking here.



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