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4 Reasons Why You Want a Tummy Massage!

I looooove abdominal massage! It makes me sad how few massage therapists offer this service, and how few clients know about it!

All the time, you'll go for a "full body massage," and they'll massage your head, neck, arms, legs, and back... Um, you missed something?? 😢

That "blind spot" is a super important area. Let's consider 4 great reasons to get abdominal massage!

On a muscular level, there's your core muscles that counterbalance the low back. We hear about the core all the time in exercise science, we KNOW the core is important, so why is the core left out of massage? It can even be aggravating for symptoms like hip or low back pain to release side without the other (that is, it's aggravating to release the low back and not the abdomen).

Of course, your tummy also contains many wonderful and hard-working organs. Abdominal massage can focus on supporting digestive function to help conditions like IBS or constipation, relaxing the ligaments of uterus (especially helpful during/after pregnancy), or easing cramps/endometriosis.

There's also working with the breath and diaphragm. The benefits of breathwork cannot be overstated. Breath directly affects the Vagus nerve, which affects mood, stress, blood pressure, digestion, and so much more. I believe it's because of this Vagal connection that abdominal massage is very relaxing.

All the time, I have clients fall asleep during or directly after their tummy massage 😴

Finally, abdominal massage can also be part of Lymphatic Drainage, a special type of manual therapy that reduces swelling and inflammation, boosts immunity, and supports the body's natural healing process. (Learn more: )

So there you go, 4 reasons to try abdominal massage!

If you've never had this area touched before during a professional massage, there may be some anxiety around it. This is why I never surprise anyone with abdominal massage.

I'll talk you through the process before you get on the table, and explain how I'll cover your chest and only undrape the midsection itself. If it turns out you don't like it or it feels weird, you can ALWAYS choose to end the massage or move onto the next area. But most people love it.

Treat yourself to an ultra relaxing, healing experience!

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