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Can I get a massage during Coronavirus?

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

UPDATE 7/22: Seattle is one of the most vaccinated cities in the country with over 75% of adults being fully vaccinated - amazing!! Your massage therapist Jesse Martel is proud to be fully vaccinated as well. At this time, our businesses have reopened, however, Washington State Department of Health is still requiring face masks in healthcare settings (including massage therapy providers). Please continue to wear a mask to your appointments, and I'll do the same. With the Delta variant still around, and longer exposure times during a massage, vaccinations and masks are our best tools. Thank you!

Are you months overdue for a massage? Massage therapy helps with stress and pain, something we're all experiencing too much of right now.

At Sage Bodywork, I'm upholding an extremely clean and low-traffic environment. I collaborated with industry leaders to design COVID-19 precautions as supported by CDC, OSHA, WSMTA, and ABMP. Yes, I did a lot of research! Because of these reasons, I truly believe if you're seeking massage therapy at this time, Sage Bodywork is your best choice.

Here's the run-down:

  • Face masks will be worn by massage therapist and client

  • Massage therapist will not wear gloves, as research suggests gloves are irrelevant in transmission risks

  • Limited number of appointments each day (very low foot traffic)

  • Complete sanitation of the room in-between appointments

  • Air purifier runs all day, with enough time to ventilate the room in-between appointments (compare this to the big massage chains, where they have high foot traffic, small rooms, and only a couple minutes in-between appointments...yikes!)

Now more than ever, I am honored to hold a calming, healing space for my community. I wish you health and wellness.

- Jesse Martel, LMT and Owner of Sage Bodywork

P.S. Let me show your around my treatment room, COVID-19 Edition:

Relevant Facebook review: ★★★★★

"Jesse Martel listened carefully and she was deeply caring. My session was relaxing and healing, Jesse used both gentle and effective pressure. I mentioned to Jesse the tightness in my right knee, Jesse gently focused on the area, and the tightness was significantly reduced. She emailed me a few desk exercises to help with my upper back issues and posture. Myofascial release massage seems to have great potential. I’m happy with our first session and I’m looking forward to coming back. Highly recommended!

I was reluctant to have a massage during the continuing COVID-19 crisis and became convinced after considering that a small practice like Sage Bodywork should have less exposure compared to grocery stores. There was hand sanitizer available and Jesse checked my temperature. The room had air circulation. We wore masks during the massage." - Alyssa C., Facebook review

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your situation, you may contact me by calling or texting (920) 345-6791.

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