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Mother's Day 2021 - Seattle Massage Therapy Deals

Let’s be real, Mom has had like 3 full time jobs this past year… and she deserves to be pampered with a four-part stress-melting sensory experience: massage, Salt Stone facial, Dry Brushing, and Peppermint CBD Scalp Massage.

This special deal is deeply relaxing and amazing for the skin!

It's available to book all May, so even if you’re a little bit late this year, it’s not too late to show Mom how much you appreciate her.

Her experience begins with dry brushing of the skin, which is a stimulating type of exfoliating massage that uses a bristle brush to gently polish the skin, removing dead cells, unclogging pores, and stimulating moisture glands.

This combines beautifully with Lymphatic massage, which moves fluid through the body and has many benefits, including decreasing congestion and inflammation and boosting circulation & immunity. Then Myofascial massage that patiently and deeply melts tight muscles (customized to wherever mama holds stress).

Then, she'll enjoy a unique Salt Stone facial massage, which uses mineral-rich Himalayan Salt Stones to firm the skin and reduce inflammation, puffiness, and congestion. This is great for headaches and stress!

Plus as a special treat, enjoy a refreshing and relaxing Peppermint CBD Scalp Massage!

Schedule below:


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