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Will PIP Insurance Cover Massage?

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

If you have car insurance in Washington state, it includes Personal Injury Protection (PIP) by default. This powerful, flexible piece of insurance is sometimes called "no-fault" coverage because it pays claims regardless of who is at-fault in the car collision.

PIP can be used to pay for medical bills and lost wages following a car collision. It will even cover the cost of transportation to and from appointments and other associated expenses.

PIP will pay for medical massage therapy to treat whiplash and other symptoms that have developed as a result of the car collision. If you have headaches, neck pain, or stiffness following your car accident, massage may help.

Whiplash and associated symptoms can last for years or lifetimes unless treated. In fact, 40% of those in a car crash report that their symptoms are persistent after one year, and 20% report their symptoms were worse after one year. Don't wait to get help.

You should begin massage therapy as soon as your doctor approves you for massage, which is often immediate. A referral/prescription from your doctor is not always required by the insurance company, but is helpful to establish need for care and prevent denied claims.

Massage also helps with the stress, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping that often follow car accidents. Because we are able to treat soft tissue and nervous system activation simultaneously, massage is an especially great treatment choice.

I offer the best massage therapy for pain after a car accident in Seattle.

Massage helps with neck pain and whiplash after a car accident.
Massage helps with neck pain and whiplash after a car accident.

My patients benefit from reduced inflammation, relieved pain, restored range of motion, and quicker recovery times.

I have trained in an array of advanced massage therapy techniques, including myofascial, neurofascial, and lymphatic specialties, to specifically support recovery after a motor vehicle collision. I include complementary therapies such as kinesiology tape at no extra charge because it's proven to help with inflammation and pain after a car accident.

I accept PIP patients and will handle the insurance billing for you, so you can avoid large out-of-pocket payments and don't have to deal with confusing claims from your insurance provider. Just show up, feel better, and go home.


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