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Save Your Low Back with Squats

Fix the damage sitting has done to your hips and low back!

Sitting compresses your spine in an unnatural curve and can damage your discs over time.

This causes stiffness, tightness, and pain.

Our bodies do their best to be incredibly efficient... super thoughtful of them, but that means you've got to "move it or lose it." If you don't stretch your body, you will lose mobility.

For example... If your daily postures are sitting, standing, and walking, that means your hip never flexes past 90 degrees (knees to chest) and never rotates outwards (knees pointing out). That's a HUGE portion of your hip and low back mobility that's neglected... and that's a problem.

The solution?


Did you know that in countries where squatting is a common daily posture, the people experience less back pain?

It's true! Squatting stretches the low back, re-enforces hip mobility, and tones the legs and hips. It's great for stiff low backs. It also improves digestion!

How to Squat:

I love Malasana squats (Garland pose).

Place your feet hip distance apart, with toes and knees pointed outwards.

Squat down and rest your weight on your heels, trying to keep your back straight (no slouching!).

Press your elbows into your inner knees to further open up the hips.

If you have trouble keeping your feet (toes and heels) flat on the floor... no surprise after years of sitting!... you can support your balance by placing with a rolled up towel under your heels, like the model is doing in the photo.

Try to squat daily (replace 10min of sitting and watching TV with squatting and watching TV) and notice how your life improves!



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