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The Mouse Trick

Let's say you get headaches on the right side of your head, like from the base of your skull up into your temples.

Let's say your right shoulder gets kind of tight or stiff sometimes, and your neck isn't great either.

Let's say you're at a desk for most of the day, and you spend a lot of time mousing with your right hand. You might even slouch to one side as you do it.

If that was the case...

(You should come see me for a massage, and also)

What would happen if you moved your mouse to the left side?

OK, so the first thing that would happen would be clumsy clicks and some awkwardness as you re-learned how to use your mouse with your left hand. But hey, that's good for your brain.

Then, you would fidget with your posture, as you start to slouch the other way, and use the left half of your body like you'd been using the right. Slowly, the left and right halves would balance.

And your back would feel better.

I like to change my mousing side every couple months, or at least when I notice I'm getting lopsided in my symptoms.

Where else are you very dominant on one side? Do you always walk the dog and hold the leash in one hand? (Is that shoulder ever agitated?) Do you always sleep on one side? How can you find easy ways to bring balance into your daily life?

Hope this trick is helpful for you!



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