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Quick Tip for Upper Back Health

Undo the stress of computer posture and save your shoulders!

Something I tell my upper back pain clients all the time is "If you want lasting relief for your back, we can't just massage the back, we have to open up the shoulders and chest."

Even though it isn't WHERE your symptoms are, 9 times out of 10, it's the SOURCE of your symptoms.

Think about it: all day long, we're looking, leaning, slouching, and reaching forward.

You need to balance your upper body: you need to reach backwards.

So, restore balance to your muscles with this awesome stretch!


This is a forward fold variation. Stand comfortably with your weight on both feet, knees bent or straight.

Clasp your hands behind your back and fold forward as far as is comfortable.

Then, raise your hands up to the ceiling. You're feeling for a stretch in your chest and on the front of your shoulder (deltoid).

This opens up the shoulders and chest. Practice it throughout the day to maintain shoulder flexibility, improve your posture, and prevent upper back/neck pain.

As with all stretching, never stretch to the point of pain... Stretching should feel good! Frequency is more important than intensity.

There's two other amazing stretches I love for back pain, except these stretches aren't "active" so much as they are "naps" ... Read how to relax into a pain-free back here.


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